Experienced Defense Attorneys for Arizona Clients Accused of DUIs

Have you been arrested for a DUI in southern Arizona? At The Law Office of Thomas Wilson, our highly qualified DUI defense attorneys bring knowledge, attentiveness, and assertiveness to the table. The experienced DUI lawyers on our team provide sound advice and support for clients, as well as vigorous representation. You can count on a strong DUI lawyer to inform you of your rights and options, and ensure you’re treated fairly throughout your case.

Potential Defenses

Our Tucson, AZ DUI defense lawyers will examine your case for any evidence of illegal search, unwarranted suspicion, unreasonable force, failure to follow drug testing procedures, violation of Miranda rights, and more. If you were wrongfully accused, you can rely on a criminal DUI lawyer to locate any flaws that may be grounds for a case dismissal.

Consequences of DUIs

A felony or misdemeanor DUI’s penalties are severe – ranging from jail time and fines, to community service and alcohol education, to license suspension or revocation. Without the help of a drunk driving attorney, you can find yourself facing serious consequences, especially if you’ve been convicted in the past. A committed DUI defense attorney will work tirelessly to lessen the chances of you receiving a harsh, potentially life-altering sentence.

How We Can Help

When you need a DUI defense lawyer to find flaws in the prosecution’s case against you, or a DUI attorney to help you determine the best course of action if you’ve been convicted before, we can assist you. The Tucson Law Offices of Thomas Wilson employs trained, dependable DUI attorneys. From your free case review to sentencing, we’ll work diligently on your behalf every step of the way.