If Convicted for DUI, What Penalties Am I Facing in Arizona?

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A Very Brief Summary of DUI Penalties in Arizona

According to Arizona’s DMV, you are facing jail time, fines, compulsory completion of a alcohol/drug addiction treatment and evaluation program, and a driver’s license suspension/revocation. But the specifics of your case, and how the law is applied to them, is what your attorney will work on with you. Your future is not a foregone conclusion.

A Standard DUI is defined as driving a vehicle with a BAC of

  • 0.08% or more.
  • 0.04% or more, if you are driving a commercial vehicle.
  • Any percentage, if you are younger than 21 years old.

If BAC is 0.15% or higher, it is a A Extreme DUI.

An Aggravated DUI was committed with an invalid license, is a 3rd offence within 84 months (7 years) or was committed with a passenged under 15 years of age.)

Each type of DUI in Arizona comes with a different set of penalties and the more severe the DUI, the harsher the consequences. These include a graduating scale of jail time, fines (starting at $1,250), education/treatment programs, ignition interlock, and mandated community service.